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Baby Bottle Fundraiser

Respect Life Committee Baby Bottle Report Bottles should be returned on or before Father’s Day, regardless of the amount inside. If you have not turned in your baby bottle please do so this weekend.   Thank you      Respect Life Committee  


Gluten Free Communion

Gluten free Communion is available. If you need to receive gluten free Communion, please go to one of the clergy at end of the line and identify yourself as being gluten free. The consecrated gluten free communion hosts are kept separately, and when you identify yourself, the clergy will have to retrieve it either from…

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Building for God's Honor & Glory

Olimometer 2.52
                Pledge Total 0ver $1,817,277!     We have now surpassed 90% of our goal of $2,000,000. We need only $182,723 to reach our goal to build our new church.    
  • Commitment Sunday June 27 & 28
In an effort to reach families who have not responded in any way, we will hold our 2nd Commitment Sunday this weekend. Ushers will again hand out pledge cards at all masses. We encourage families who have not yet pledged to prayerfully consider doing so - every gift brings us closer to breaking ground this year!  
  • THANK YOU to the 371 families who have pledged –
Now will you please consider extending your original 3-year pledge to 4 or 5 years?   If you can’t pledge, can you make a 1-time gift to our Capital Campaign? No gift is too small!   THANK YOU to the 322 families who are making their sacrificial gifts each week or month!  
  • Video
Invite your friends and relatives to view our campaign video at to let them know our great need. They can also make a donation online! Every gift is appreciated.  
  • Volunteers
Hug a campaign volunteer this week and thank them for their help with this campaign. Great things happen when we all work together!  
  • Ongoing Pledge Payments/Donations
Here’s an easy way to handle ongoing pledge payments - Set up automatic withdrawals from your checking account/credit card from the comfort of your home computer or smartphone.  Just go to the parish web site on the Cash Donation tab. For security and confidentiality, the parish prefers not to have possession of your credit card number or personal banking information. However, Kathy Nichols can do this for you, if you prefer.  
  1. Create a donor profile if you do not already have one.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Capital Campaign is the first listing in the Donations
  4. Memorial donations can be made In honor or In memory of a friend or loved-one.
  • Consider Extending Your Pledge Please consider extending your pledge payments by one or two years. This will help us reach our $2 million goal! Those who have already made a pledge should have received a letter from Fr. Jacob explaining this process. We appreciate your consideration of this special request!
  Pledge Extension Chart
Monthly Contribution Original            3 year pledge Additional 12 months new pledge amount Additional 18 months new pledge amount Additional 24 months new pledge amount
$50 $ 1,800 $2,400 $2,700 $3,000
$100 $ 3,600 $4,800 $5,400 $ 6,000
$150 $ 5,400 $7,200 $8,100 $ 9,000
$200 $ 7,200 $9,600 $10,800 $12,000
$250 $ 9,000 $12,000 $13,500 $15,000
If you have not made a pledge yet, you can simply cross out the line that says “3 year pledge and change it to 4 or 5 years, if you so choose.