Just as life begins with conception, spiritual life begins with the sacrament of Baptism. In Baptism, we each experience the “death” of original sin, along with corresponding “resurrection” to life with Christ. At various times throughout the year, Baptismal preparation programs are conducted; baptisms may be scheduled with the Pastor.

Baptism of Infants – Please contact the Parish Office (459-9672) to arrange for the celebration of this Sacrament. Parents are required to participate in a class before a date for the Baptism can be set.

R.C.I.A (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) – Anyone interested in becoming Catholic, please call Beverly Nichols at 895-0126.


Celebration of the Eucharist consecrates us to oneness with God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. A defining moment in the spiritual life of each Catholic is First Eucharist, celebrated in second grade, or upon entering the church through the RCIA process. Preparation for this special experience occurs on an academic-year calendar, from September through May.


Spiritual renewal through confession and sincere contrition is fundamental to Catholic life. Weekly confessions are heard on Saturday afternoons in the reconciliation rooms in the Worship Center or by special appointment. Special communal penance services are also held during the spiritual seasons of lent and Advent.
First Reconciliation occurs during the second grade for children, or in conjunction with RCIA.

Saturday 5:15 to 5:30 pm in Chapel – Anytime by appointment (459-3046)


Confirmation, the sacrament of the Holy Spirit, is the defining point of spiritual maturity for Catholics. This special sacrament, sometimes conducted on a full diocesan basis, is celebrated during eighth grade or as part of the RCIA process. The preparation process requires almost a full year of instruction and preparation.


Spirit and flesh; individuals become a family as they become joined in holy matrimony. Because of the seriousness of this Sacrament, St. Philip has firm requirements for preparation and planning. Before any plans can be made, the prospective spouses must meet with one of the priests and reserve the Church at least four months before marriage. Couples must participate in a Diocesan Engaged Couples Retreat or other approved marriage prepatory program and attend pastoral counseling sessions.

Marriage preparation is an important part of planning a wedding, so please contact the parish office at least six months prior to your wedding and definitely before finalizing the date and time of your wedding. Also, the Diocese of Nashville mandates that engaged couples attend a retreat prior to the wedding.

Our wedding consultant is in charge of all arrangements for weddings. We understand that weddings are very special for the family but every parish has rules that must be followed to ensure success. Please call our wedding consultant before making any “concrete” plans. She will be glad to guide you through the process.

Holy Orders

As couples become married to each other, so too, do priests become married to the Church through Holy Orders. Priests act in the person of Christ in the sacraments.
Praying for vocations is a responsibility inherent to the Catholic experience and lifestyle. Those who feel drawn to serve God and the Church in this way may seek pastoral counseling for guidance.

Anointing of the Sick

The healing Christ touches His people during serious sickness through Anointing of the Sick. Through this sacrament, God helps his people to endure suffering during times of illness and provides for their reconciliation. Ministry to the sick involves visits to hospitals or homebound parishioners. Contact the office or one of the priests to arrange for home visit; Special ministers are also available to bring communion on a regular basis.

If you or a loved on are entering the hospital or chronically ill, please contact the parish office at 459-9672. If a priest is needed immediately,i.e. danger of death, call the rectory at 459-3046.